Tanabata, The Star Festival

There I was, on the seventh of June, laying in my bed, sick. I wasn't feeling very sick, but I could feel it lingering inside me. I'd be damned, however, if I was gonna miss my very first Japanese festival at Tennoji. I sat up and prepared for an awesome day.



The second-to-last week of the study abroad program, I began to feel a bit under the weather. I was about to experience some things I never really wanted to experience.


Den-Den Again!

This being my last weekend on my own before the program was over, I decided I had to visit one of my favorite places at least one more time. I was off to Den-Den Town!


The Great Kyoto Adventure, Part IV - KyoAni!

Having finished my temple tour, I was ready for a little not-so-traditional sightseeing. It started, by necessity, with a walk through downtown Kyoto.

The Great Kyoto Adventure, Part III

It was about 1:00 PM on a hot Sunday in Japan, and many tourists and Japanese travelers were just barely arriving at their weekend destination. I, however, had started hours since, and still had many places to visit. Next up was Kinkaku-Ji.


The Great Kyoto Adventure, Part II

After visiting the impressive Ninna-Ji, I climbed a hill through some local streets towards my next destination: Ryoan-Ji.


The Great Kyoto Adventure, Part I

At last, another weekend had arrived. After doing lots of research on the internet, I had decided to take my own personal tour of Kyoto. First stop? Ninna-Ji.