Screwing Around, and More Karaoke!

A Lazy Week

It had been a busy weekend, and I was more than ready to take it easy.

The view from my bed.
Monday came and went without much fuss. Tuesday I took a trip to the mall at Abenobashi. On the way to the Fujiidera station, I took a small detour. There was an interesting looking bell-shaped block on my map I wanted to check out.

Turns out it's one of those bell-shaped tombs. It's one of the smaller ones, but I was still unable to take a picture containing the whole thing. The above picture is a panorama I stitched together.

There wasn't really much to see, though, so I moved on, snapping a few photos of the very Japanese neighborhood which I had never seen before.

I hopped on the train down to Abenobashi station, and waltzed on into Q's Mall. I was mostly just browsing. I picked out some Omiyage, and then came across this small pet shop, where I found doggy yukata.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the size for my beloved inu at home, (most Japanese dogs are tiny), so I just took a picture of the models.

On the way out of the mall, I saw a display for Monsters University. Japanese people love their Pixar movies.

A More Exciting Friday

Wednesday and Thursday passed, apparently without anything to take photos of. On Friday morning, I made french toast!

How Japanese of me.
That night, a few of us headed down to Fujiidera to do some karaoke. I remember not being in such a good mood because I was unable to withdraw money earlier that day, so I was worried and upset. As it turns out, my credit union's site was just down. This happened a couple other times during my trip, but the problem always fixed itself in a few hours. If only I would have known that at the time.

Stacey (on the left in the above pictures) said she was having the same problem, which made me feel less concerned, but I still wasn't feeling much like singing. My participation was pretty much nonexistent as I watched the others sing their favorite Japanese songs.

I spent a while looking for a song I wanted to sing. I was more than a little surprised to see that NOFX was in the karaoke database, but I didn't actually sing anything by them. I don't think I actually picked any songs of my own that night.

Jackson looks a bit scary here...
In the end, I did manage to cheer up a bit. I handed Stacey and Courtney my camera while Jackson and I sang "Rock You Like a Hurricane."

On the way home, I tried the ATM once more, and, sure enough, I was able to take out money. This was good, since the next day we were headed to one of my most anticipated places: Kiyomizu Temple!

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