Singing and Sushi

Rock On
Rick posing with the guitar

The week started off with a meeting in the music room. It was time to practice the songs we were singing on July 4th! Unfortunately, Tribute by Tenacious D has been denied. We replaced it with Twist and Shout, The Beatles' style!

Then it was the girls' turn. They were singing some Japanese songs.

We sat around and watched them. Such fun!

Christian sat around, too!
The music room schedule was up on the board.

It didn't seem like long at all until our hour was up, and it was time for the next group. It was also time for us to go eat sushi!

As per the plan, we boarded a bus with the Japanese students and went out on the town, to a nearby revolving sushi place.

The udon shop across the street.
A bicycle shop. How is this relevant? It isn't.

Sushi Time

This was my first time really eating sushi in Japan, so I was pretty excited (although, according to Neko-Sean, this was pretty shoddy).

Plates of sushi of nearly every type came down the belt constantly. Most of them had wasabi, and I'm not really a fan of wasabi. I was in luck, however, because there was a touch screen where you could order custom plates.

Most of the plates cost 100 yen (about $1), if I remember correctly. There was a dispenser on the side of the table for hot water, and a bucket full of powdered instant green tea beside it.

The custom order screen

In the end, I had six plates, and some pudding. Since some of us had eaten a lot more than others (look at the other side of the table), we paid betsu-betsu, (betsu-betsu means "individually").

The outside of the restaurant
After we were all finished up, we climbed down the stairs, and, after standing around for a while, and saying goodbye to the Japanese students for the night, we headed home.

The building was on stilts, so people could
park underneath.
On the way home I noticed something funny. In this beer vending machine, there was actually liquor for sell. Probably not a good deal, but very easily accessible. Maybe a little too easily accessible. One of them was called "Demon Killer." Ha ha.

For when a beer just isn't enough.

Thanks for reading! The next post will be soon, I promise!

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