Leaving Soon


Well then...

The Real Preparation

So, I'm leaving tomorrow.

I've had my stuff packed for about 4 days now. I just couldn't help myself. Supposedly packing early is also one of the commandments for packing light (I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere on that site). Anyway, I've got all the essentials. Several changes of clothes. A change of shoes. A swimsuit just in case. Candy. Drawing materials. Okay, I guess I'm not exactly "packing light," but that doesn't mean I haven't used some suggestions from light packers.

 The bag I'm using is actually pretty small. I plan on checking it, because it's free with a flight to Japan, and I don't want to lug it around anyway. I'm not going to be packing so light on the way back...
Yo dawg...
I'm pretty materialistic, and I also want to buy a lot of people souvenirs, So I'm packing a bag in my bag. I went to Walmart the other day and got myself a decent duffel. I plan to use it on the second leg of my trip, while I'm in Tokyo. According to my friend who went on this same program last year, it's not very expensive to mail a big box of stuff to yourself, so before I head to Tokyo I might do that if I have already accumulated enough stuff.


Japan is fifteen hours ahead of Utah. This means that I might have a hell of a time adjusting my internal clock. To get a head start on this, I'm going to operate under Japan time starting now. I'm going to bed at 9 P.M. and waking up around 5 or 6 A.M. Japan time tonight.

I'm staying up until 6 tonight!

It's 3:00 right now. It's a lot easier to stay up when you're excited about what happens after you sleep. I think I'll call it the "Santa Claus Syndrome."

On the Plane

Am I ready for 3 flights, one of them 11 hours long? I don't think anybody is ever ready for such a thing. But I can try. I've got my backpack, full of entertainment and goodies.
Will it be enough?
I've also got all of my important documents in there, tucked between a change of clothes (I'll probably end up changing into the sleep pants during that 11-hour flight). Hopefully I don't get robbed. I've got a irreplaceable $300 JR Pass voucher, a barely-replaceable $120 and 1 month Passport, a $100 bill in case I have trouble getting money out of my bank for some reason, and a few important cards.

I want to do as much sleeping (when appropriate), reading, and drawing as possible during these trips, but I also have my DS and a usb charger, just in case I am bored. I can't really rely on my laptop, since it'll get me maybe 3 or 4 hours of use off of battery, and there are no regular outlets in the cheapo seats on airplanes.

Yes I'm Ready

It wouldn't be nearly as exciting or fun if I wasn't ready. I've spent the past 3 months preparing for this day, so I doubt I could be very much more ready.

Some of you may remember that I used to have long hair, but now, it is absent. Yes, I have cut my hair. Or, rather, I had my mom do it.

I'll work on my next post soon. Probably while I'm on the 11-hour flight. My body is ready. See ya next time.

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