Sitting Around, Doing Nothing

Hello again, readers! I bring to you a relatively unexciting post!


Well, it may have seemed like a terrifying process at first, but here I am, about 6 weeks later, with my passport.
It feels pretty good to finally hold it. Apparently I'm supposed to sign my full name on the line above the ID page. They did specify full name, so I suppose I shouldn't use my normal signature, just to be safe. I'm kind of nervous though. What if I screw it up and it comes out sloppy? This is some hardcore stuff!

I suppose I'm pretty much ready now. There are a couple forms I'm able to fill out now that I have my passport, and I still need to pack, but it's kind of early for that :(

Sitting Around the House

School is over now. I somehow managed to get straight As, which is nice, I suppose. But wait- school is over. And my trip isn't for a month. That must mean...

Boredom! I need to find ways to entertain myself. I have already prepared and over-prepared for my trip, and it's hard to think of anything else right now. I've found a couple of video games that are keeping me interested, and Crunchyroll begged me to come back with another 30 day free trial, so I've been taking advantage of that. 

I'm now on book 4 of とらドラ!, and my goal is to make it to book 5 before I leave, and to take that one with me to read on the plane and stuff, but it's kind of hard to find the motivation to sit down and read. I'm more than halfway done with it, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Health and Comfort Concerns

It's hard for me to go more than a few minutes without thinking about my trip, so it's only natural that I would eventually think about how I will physically feel while I'm there. It's extremely hot and humid in Japan, and humidity is something I'm not at all used to, so I'm a little concerned that my asthma will act up for the first time in at least 10 years. I'm going to try to get an inhaler, just in case.

I've also been doing a little running, because I know I will be doing lots of walking while I'm there, and while I certainly spend a large portion of my life standing and walking, a lot of that has been cut out because I'm out of school. Not to mention, it's about time I got some exercise.

I have some really long hair. To keep this long hair out of my face, I usually wear a hat. As much as I love my glorious locks, I'm thinking I should get it cut. It's going to be hot in Japan, and if my hair doesn't make me hot, then the hat will.

...Aaand That's Pretty Much it

That was a pretty lame post, but you can't say I didn't warn you. Hopefully next time I make a post I will either be getting ready to leave, or already on my way. 

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