Early Morning Shortcut

I woke up on Thursday morning to the frustrating realization that I didn't really have anything to eat, so I decided to go to school early, and get some food at the convenient store. I used my extra time to take some pictures of the shortcut that Rick, Sean and Dustin had found at least a week prior.

 If, instead of going down the hill towards the park, you went behind the dorm and headed south, you would hit a dead end.

 ...But it wasn't really a dead end. It led to a footpath that allowed us to cut through the nearby Osaka Prefecture University.

There were almost always some security guards and students who looked at us funny as we passed, but since I left a little early today, there was hardly anybody there.

After cutting through the school walkway, we would come out here, then, just down the street and around the corner...

...Was IBU!

Hearty Meals

I stopped by the convenient store, where I bought some of my favorite convenient store food. I got "Mixch Juishe" and a nigiri roll with baked salmon. I also got this chocolate coronet, because it reminded my of Lucky Star. I ate it in the nearby cafeteria, which was rather empty. I passed the remaining time reading The Flowers of Evil. I think I was on the 4th or 5th volume at the time.

I ate it from the head... Or is that the tail?

For dinner that night, I made spaghetti!

Yum! We enjoyed our traditional Japanese meal, and spent the rest of the night doing... Nothing worth taking a picture of.

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