IBU Photo Session

Another Friday night was upon me, and to kill time, I decided to explore the campus of IBU.

A fountain in a more isolated area.

The spire in the middle of campus
Those are some interesting parking spots, no?

 I went up on the roof...

One of two courtyards atop the buildings.

 ...And around back of the campus, as well.

I always loved to see bamboo. I don't know why.

The cafeteria, right outside of I-Talk.

 Near the entrance, there was a neat area with a creek and a pond with some fish in it.

Izakaya Again

It was Friday night, after all. The time I spent wandering around the campus was all just to kill time until Kenta, Nozomu, Jackson and I met up to go hang out for the night. It ended up being a smaller crowd than I expected, but I think it was better that way.

It was way fun. We were there for hours, talking about language, culture, whatever. There were two pictures taken.

I had a long adventure in Kyoto planned for Saturday, so when I got home, I went straight to bed. This also means that my next post will be a great deal more interesting! Yay.

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