The Great Kyoto Adventure, Part IV - KyoAni!

Having finished my temple tour, I was ready for a little not-so-traditional sightseeing. It started, by necessity, with a walk through downtown Kyoto.

The Great Kyoto Adventure, Part III

It was about 1:00 PM on a hot Sunday in Japan, and many tourists and Japanese travelers were just barely arriving at their weekend destination. I, however, had started hours since, and still had many places to visit. Next up was Kinkaku-Ji.


The Great Kyoto Adventure, Part II

After visiting the impressive Ninna-Ji, I climbed a hill through some local streets towards my next destination: Ryoan-Ji.


The Great Kyoto Adventure, Part I

At last, another weekend had arrived. After doing lots of research on the internet, I had decided to take my own personal tour of Kyoto. First stop? Ninna-Ji.


IBU Photo Session

Another Friday night was upon me, and to kill time, I decided to explore the campus of IBU.


Early Morning Shortcut

I woke up on Thursday morning to the frustrating realization that I didn't really have anything to eat, so I decided to go to school early, and get some food at the convenient store. I used my extra time to take some pictures of the shortcut that Rick, Sean and Dustin had found at least a week prior.

Fun With Flowers

It was the day for traditional Japanese flower arrangement! I can't say I was actually looking forward to it, but we didn't have much of a choice in the matter.