A "Free" Day


Friday was the first day that, after school, we had no obligations. So a bunch of Japanese people asked us to play soccer.

The class sharing the field with us was playing frisbee.
 It was really hot outside, and there were only like 9 of us. We picked teams by counting off 1, 2, 1, 2...

I guess it was kind of fun, but I felt like I was gonna die when they finally decided to go back in. After a few minutes, I picked up my stuff and headed back to the dorm, but my day was far from over. I decided to head down (up?) to Fujiidera station.

I would call it "Yachuuji Temple," but that
would be redundant.


Fujiidera ended up being the least interesting part of the trip. On the way there, I decided to stop by the temple which I had seen a couple times now on the way there.

 It's a really cool place. It's also a lot bigger than I thought it was, especially if you include the inner part that I couldn't get into.

I think I could have gone in here, but
I didn't want to cause any trouble.

This is where you wash your hands before
entering the temple.

I spent about half an hour in there, walking around, taking pictures. But I still had places I wanted to go, so I again headed north towards Fujiidera. 

I went into a bookstore called Tsutaya. That was my main reason for going there. It wasn't long, however, before I realized that it was all rentals. I left feeling kind of dumb, and disappointed. So I went into the neighboring mall and looked around.

A parking garage near the mall.
A Largely Uneventful Night

The stores within the mall are almost exclusively food stores and restaurants. There's even an underground grocery store. I wasn't looking for food however. I stopped by the 100 yen store, and bought a lot of cheap candy.

After leaving the mall, I stopped by 7 Eleven and bought a couple of rice balls to save for later. I also bought some tea, because there was K-On! merchandise attached to it. I'm really easy to manipulate.

This is all it takes to get me to buy a product.
Kilo found a ladybug on his arm.
I returned home. Since it was still pretty early, and I didn't want the chicken to go bad, I decided to make the curry.

Making curry is pretty easy, and although I didn't really have any counter space to use to make it, I did have a perfectly good table and cutting board.

Onion, potato, and carrot.
Very sanitary.
 I knew that I was gonna have to streamline the operation before I did it again. I made sure to clean the table, the tools, and my hands very well before I advanced.

If you haven't made curry before, you must understand that it is incredibly easy. Unless you've never cooked anything ever before, it would be really hard to mess it up. 

We ate our delicious curry, and then went to bed. It wasn't a very eventful day, but if every day I have off is that fun, then I will be more than satisfied.

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