Day 2 (or 3)

I again woke up pretty early on the second day of school (probably because of jet-lag). Knowing I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, I got up and got ready.
Some Engrish Kilo found on the label of the towel
I bought the day before.
More natto.
 I still had a couple more cups of natto left, so I went ahead and started the rice first. I wanted to try mixing the rice and natto.

I put it in a separate bowl because I didn't want
to risk ruining all of my rice.
It was much, much better. I actually kind of liked it. Kilo is still disgusted by it, and I don't think Jackson will touch the stuff.
The road to school.
Today it was up to us to leave at the right time to get to school, so we left at about 8:30 to get there at 9:00. A couple people decided that the A class was a little too much for them, so it was just 4 of us in the class from that day on. The teachers change every day, so we handed in our homework and took our lessons from somebody else.

After class was over, we met in the B classroom and had a meeting with Shoji Azuma. He is the director of the program whom we met during the orientation meetings. Or, at least, that's when I met him.

He explained to us a thing called the "honeymoon period." He said that most, if not all of us, would eventually feel our excitement level drop dramatically, and that there will be a period during which we reject Japan. He told us to hang in there, and we can once again return to our heightened state of excitement, called the acceptance stage. We talked about a couple other things, such as the difficulty of the classes, and then it was off to lunch.
This cost me approximately $2.30.
 The lunch in the cafeteria at Shitennoji University is amazing, and cheap. I got a huge serving of curry, miso soup, and some vegetables for less than 3 bucks. 
Everybody has a bike in Japan. Except for us gaijin.
After we were all done eating, we walked down to Fujiidera station. We were going to karaoke! 
This is somebody's house.

Most of the posts along the street have this
weird texture. Also, look, it's a butterfly.

It is not hard to get beer or cigarettes.

A little temple on a street corner.

Heil Hitler!

Pokemon is EVERYWHERE here.


I tried taking a picture of the bird nest again.
It still didn't come out well.


 It was a long walk (it always is), but we finally arrived at the karaoke place.
The karaoke lobby.
The karaoke room.

The karaoke setup.
 We had an amazing time. Every song I thought of, English or Japanese, was on there. It ended up just being Kilo and me singing while 3 people watched, but it was still really fun. And there were free fountain drinks!

On the way home, Ayaka and some of the others decided to go to a sushi place, but the other half of us, including me, were too tired, and we had spent enough money for the day, so we stopped by a 7-Eleven and walked home.
This has salmon in it, and it costs just over a dollar.
It was still just the beginning of many fun days still to come.

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