"Normal" Days

The next couple days weren't very eventful. Tuesday was pretty cool, but nothing much happened.

I noticed that a rash had developed on the back of my shin. It was gone in a couple of days, so I think it was just because I was wearing pants and running around the city the day before. I normally wear shorts, so I don't think my legs were used to that kind of thing. I have omitted the picture. Be grateful.

We started an interesting project with a couple members of the music club. I was asked if I wanted to sing some songs with Japanese students and I was like, "okay." It turns out it's a lot more complicated than that. Luckily I can play guitar, because they wanted us to play instruments, too. They also asked us to pick out some songs. I was put into the English song group with Rick and Christian. We decided on "Good Riddance" by Green Day, and "Tribute" by Tenacious D. They said they would check the songs and get back to us. We will be performing on the 4th of July.

Super Spicy Curry

That night, we went to a Indian-style curry restaurant. We waited in i-talk a while for everybody to show up.

Kilo and Dustin drawing some stuff on the whiteboard.

It was a pretty nice place. A few of the people working there spoke perfect English, and it was overall a very pleasant atmosphere.

I ordered the spiciest shrimp curry they have, because carpe diem. I also ordered rice, although they did have naan. We joked a lot about the naan, because the Japanese word for "what" sounds just the same, so "Is this nan" is said the same way as "what is this?"

Language jokes aside, the food was really yummy.

It wasn't that spicy.
There were pictures and messages children had left all over the walls. Most of them said "thank you," "it was delicious," or "ihwazhderwishish" (like their mouth was full).

A lute? A mandolin? We spent about five
minutes discussing what kind of instrument this is.

That night at 2:00 AM was Microsoft's E3 press conference, so I bought a Red Bull on the way home. I ended up using it the next morning, not at night to stay up. In Japan, I expected Red Bull to be expensive. It is, but not any more so than it is in America. You can also get it in a plastic bottle. Interdasting.

That was a rough day at school. I had a cold coming on, so I was starting to get a headache, and my voice was shot. It was probably because of sleep deprivation and Red Bull. Oops.

Sony's press conference was right in the middle of class, so I got my PS4 information during the breaks, out in the hall, using Rick's portable wi-fi. I couldn't miss my E3. Nintendo's thing was at 9:00 that night, so that would be the only one that I wasn't out of the way.

Another Trip to Harves

I only took one picture on Wednesday.

One of the greatest things about Japan is that the Pocky is never stuck together and is rarely broken. Also you can get a pack that's about 3 times the size of the packs in America for less than half the price. On top of all that, there are a seemingly endless amount of flavors. I guess if you're a Pocky superfan, Japan is the place to be.

Me, Kilo, and Courtney went to Harves that day. That's where I found said Pocky. I brought my duffel bag and bought quite a few groceries. Too many groceries. I got stuff to make the other half of the curry, eggs, some cup noodles, and some drinks. Drinks have water in them. Water is heavy. It was a horrible walk home.

I had the Nintendo Direct to look forward to, though! Much to my dismay, however, Rick's wi-fi was not working on my laptop. I had to try and watch it on my iPod, and if you have ever had an iDevice that's not on the cutting edge, then you know how difficult that is. I saw about 8 or 9 10-second clips of that Nintendo Direct. I just watched the highlights later.

While I was trying to watch that, I discovered the first cockroach I had ever seen. Right next to my bed. It ran across the floor, and I told Kilo and Jackson about it, so it turned into a game of us chasing around a bug trying to catch and/or kill it. Eventually Kilo killed it with a tupperware container that we were trying to catch it in. It was kind of hard to sleep that night. It didn't help that I could barely breathe due to the cold which had worsened.

I was glad that day was over, and I hoped I would feel better in the morning.

...Will Ayal's health improve?
...Will the cockroaches strike back?
...Stay tuned to find out in the next installment of Aya's Super Awesome Adventure in Japan!

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